Harvest Desktop v1.36, Apollo v1.47, Mobile v1.18

Nithya Menon
April 15, 2023


What is the feature?

Add functionality to:

  • Manage (edit/add) agent cash limits in Harvest Desktop
  • Add remittances directly in Harvest Desktop (no longer via support tickets)
  • Show an agent’s limit / block them from receiving too much cash in the Harvest Mobile

What are the benefits of the feature?

  • Remove the need for externals to reach out to support to add remittances. Remittances can now be entirely managed via Harvest Desktop.
  • Supports agent limits which can enforce regular remittance of cash and lower risks for the customer and agent

How a desco/customer would interact with the feature?

1. (Desktop) Users page (now in the left navigation menu) – use the “edit” button on each user row to add/edit/remove an agent limit

2. (Desktop) Billing page – use the “New Remittance” button to log a remittance

3. (Mobile) Collections page – will show the agent if they have a collections limit

4. (Mobile) Household menu – “Receive Payment” button will be greyed out if an agent is currently over their cash limit

5. (Mobile) Push notification – agent will receive a push notification when a remittance is logged for their cash deposit

How an Okra team member would interact with the feature?

Internals cannot have agent limits set on them, so it will not show up in the mobile app. Internals can add remittances or update agent limits via Harvest Desktop just like externals can, but ideally at this point externals can manage this entirely.

Are there any cautions/warnings/advisories on how to use the feature safely?

  • When a limit is added, it will be enforced for the agent as soon as they have connection. If the agent already has a lot of cash outstanding, they could be prevented from collecting more payments immediately.
  • If there is an exception where a customer wants to override the agent’s limit temporarily (i.e. a storm prevents the agent from going to remit the cash but house’s don’t have electricity and they need to collect payments), the customer can make the decision to go into Harvest Desktop and increase the agent’s limit. They would need to remember to manually reduce it again after the remittance.

What the feature looks like (if applicable)

New User menu, and “Edit modal” on each user row in the table.

New Remittance button on the Billing page, to log a cash deposit.

Warning message and greyed out “Receive Payment” button, when cash limit is exceded.

Collections page showing an exceeded cash limit.

Some key pieces of data or feedback that motivated the feature

  • External – customers concerned about agents becoming targets if it is well known that they frequently have bulk amounts of cash on them
  • External – customers concerned about operating without mobile money and wanting to enforce a limited risk of how much cash the agent can have at any point

Nithya Menon is an engineering graduate from Harvey Mudd College who has spent her career developing technology targeted towards empowering marginalized and developing communities worldwide. She has been pivotal in designing Okra's key power-sharing algorithms, IoT firmware, and grid management software - and now drives the direction and strategy of Okra's technology as Product Development Lead.