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Standalone Solar

Our mesh-grids are able to be connected as standalone units, for houses that are just too far from their neighbour


When 2 or more houses are in close proximity, they can be connected together to form a cluster. Algorithms in the Okra Pod optimally redistribute available power to where it's needed most.


Every village is unique and requires a different approach. Our flexible mesh grids allow a combination of clusters and standalone systems to co-exist depending on cost and power requirements. Mesh-grids can be expanded modularly over time.

Over 700 million people globally live without electricity.

Delivering reliable, productive and affordable energy to the most remote areas of the world is a tough job. Estimates say that at current rates, this number will not change by 2030.

Existing Solutions Aren’t Up To Scratch

People in off-grid communities are often forced to run diesel generators, which are expensive and dirty. Other solutions that use clean energy, such as standalone home solar (SHS) and mini-grids, either provide insufficient energy to live a productive life, are too expensive, or both.

Harness the Power of Sharing

In a mesh-grid, nearby houses are connected together to share power, allowing them to consume more than on their own. Power travels short distances, so the distribution network is low voltage. Which means mesh-grids can be installed faster and at lower cost than a mini-grid.

Mesh-grids are enabled by..

Cutting-edge hardware & software developed by Okra that makes it all possible.

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