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Fast, reliable, powerful. Okra Mesh-Grids are the fastest growing technology solution for electrifying off-grid households.
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Interconnected solar home systems that bring productive power to off-grid communities.
Mesh-Grids provide up to 1.2kW of productive power per household (Tier 4 energy access). Available in AC or DC via 12/24V outputs.
Households interconnect and share excess power at 50V DC. Isolated households are configured as standalone SHS.
Data, alerts, payments and firmware updates are managed remotely via cellular (2G/3G) or WiFi connection.
Start small (or big), grow rapidly and scale over time – network capacity can be increased to meet demand growth.

The emerging standard for last-mile electrification

Energy developers use Mesh-Grids to rapidly energize off-grid communities with affordable and productive power.
Endorsed by
✅ NEP qualified
IEC 62509
The Pod

Cuttting edge hardware for last-mile communities

Pods are the fundamental building block of every Mesh-grid. They connect everything together and ensure that energy is optimally redistributed between neighbouring households.

Pods are bundled together with our quality-vetted Mesh-Grid kits of solar panels, inverters and batteries.

Mission control software for remotely deployed assets

From planning, to customer payments – to ongoing operations; last-mile energy projects are managed end-to-end by the Okra Harvest app.

Available on desktop and mobile in your local language.

Deploying with Okra

Site ID & Simulations
We calculate the least-cost design for your project pipeline using geospatial data and our network simulation tools.
Install & Commission
Kits and Balance-of-System are delivered to your nominated location, ready for install.
Remote Management & Scale
Monitor, operate and scale projects remotely via the Okra Harvest app – available on mobile and desktop.
Deploy with Okra
In 2020, Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), and UNDP Cambodia worked with Okra Solar to deploy mesh-grids to 140 off-grid households across 3 villages. The remote monitoring technology, combined with digitalisation makes it a sustainable solution for last mile communities in the management, and operation of mini-grids; and powering productive applications.
Butchaiah Gadde
Technical Advisor, UNDP
We are thrilled to invest in and support Okra Solar as it’s rare to see an Australian company scale so successfully into many international markets so quickly. Okra Solar brings an impact multiplier that intersects and positively contributes towards energy access (SDG #7), better health outcomes (SDG#3), and gender outcomes (SDG#5). This is a great example of how an impact multiplier also drives scale with commercial outcomes, while solving the world’s GHG emissions and climate change problems.
Zarmeen Pavri
Partner, SDGx
Okra has given us a way to connect our least electrified customers in an affordable way, to achieve our mission of universal energy access in Kaduna.
Sa'ad Kamal Deen
Mini-grid manager, Konexa

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