The Okra Pod

The building block of every Mesh-grid.
Okra Pods are installed in each individual household in conjunction with solar panels, batteries, inverters. and appliances. Pods work 24/7 to ensure energy is being optimally redistributed throughout the Mesh-grid so that every household has a reliable source of productive power.With IoT connectivity, firmware is updated regularly OTA, and high-resolution monitoring data is streamed to the Harvest cloud platform.
Product datasheet
Productive power
With 1.2kW output and support for 12/24V battery systems, households can power a wide variety of productive appliances, including freezers, cookstoves and power tools.
Inverter compatible
Resilient to high in-rush current surges and compatible with both pure and modified sine wave inverters, so that households can power AC productive appliances.
IoT enabled
System health and insights are streamed to the Harvest cloud platform via cellular (2G/3G) or WiFi connection, enabling grid operators to conduct maintenance tasks remotely.
Mobile money enabled
Fully integrated with local mobile money providers and D-REC platform, making energy payments and renewable energy credits simple.
Precision engineered by our team, for the last-mile.