Steung Chrov

Kampong Chhnang
12.36153°, 104.60313°
# of households
Avg. consumption
PV capacity
Battery capacity

Project Summary

Steung Chrov is a community situated on a flood plain on the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. The community comprises 400 people. The primary source of income is from rice and wheat farming sold locally. The community is situated 10 Km from the national grid and a 45 min drive from the closest town, Kampong Chhnang. The community is only accessible by boat for half the year, making it challenging to sustain complicated operations. Before Okra systems were installed, the village chief noted households had to travel 1-2 Kilometres regularly by boat in the morning to charge their batteries to use as a power source. The batteries would run out of power by 10 PM the same day. Funded by the UNDP and deployed by EcoSun and Pteah Baitong, this pilot project showcased the Mesh-Grid technology to MME, which could be used to energise the remaining 100 off-grid communities in Cambodia. Since being energised with Okra Solar technology, household snow can use clean cooking appliances such as rice cookers and blenders - reducing exposure to carcinogenic fumes.


Ministry of Mines & Energy, United Nations Development Program