Pod Firmware v1.11.2

Nithya Menon
April 5, 2021


Battery sharing

This is a huge achievement, so stay tuned for a blog post entirely dedicated to the feature. Briefly, battery sharing is the ability to leverage our power sharing algorithms all through the night to better support big appliances powered at any time of day and to reduce overall blackouts and maintain more consistent charge levels across all batteries. The initial power sharing logic only shared excess solar power during the day which was simpler to build, but now this new feature enables batteries to send power wherever it’s most needed, no matter the time of day.

Stability improvements

Bug/stability fixes in this release included:

  • Improved accuracy in Kalman SoC algorithm
  • Discard empty NTP time packets to solve small data gaps
  • Refactor bootup sequence to be more robust
  • Adjust lead acid charging setpoints
  • Support new iterations of hardware
  • Allow triggering over the air updates to both MCUs simultaneously

Nithya Menon is an engineering graduate from Harvey Mudd College who has spent her career developing technology targeted towards empowering marginalized and developing communities worldwide. She has been pivotal in designing Okra's key power-sharing algorithms, IoT firmware, and grid management software - and now drives the direction and strategy of Okra's technology as Product Development Lead.