Harvest v1.34

Tim Ha
February 8, 2023


Package Revisions

Energy packages are a key part of setting up and running Okra Mesh-grids but at small scales, managing the creation of these packages was something we could do internally and we didn’t expose features to create new packages directly via our platform, until now.

But more important than the ability to create packages was the need for editing packages, especially in our markets where the foreign exchange rate changes frequently and tariffs need to be updated. The key aspect of this feature is to both allow packages to be updated and still ensure full historical traceability for billing records.

Package Revisions screenshot

After a stint in the world of Electrical Engineering, Tim tapped into his creative side and worked as a freelance photographer and filmmaker in Cambodia for three years, with a focus on short documentaries for NGO’s. Now he’s able to combine his technical engineering skills with his love for telling stories and creating content at Okra.