Harvest v1.22

Nithya Menon
September 1, 2021


New Billing Page

In addition to the “Export Transactions” button that gives customers full access to every charge and payment made in their networks, the new billing page on Harvest displays a billing-focused dashboard to give clearer and more reliable payment visibility to our customers. The date-range selector allows customers to analyze a specific timeframe and the charts summarize data by house and give live feedback on topups being collected in the field.

Battery voltage displayed

Now that many of our customers have deployed systems at both 12V and 24V, we received feedback to suggest customers need to immediately view both the Ah capacity and battery voltage. This release updates the installation table and all household detail pages to show this information.

Stability improvements

Bug fixes/minor improvements in this release included:

  • Fixed a bug with timestamps not appearing in local time in payment exports
  • Searchable/Sortable user table to improve internal account manager UX

Nithya Menon is an engineering graduate from Harvey Mudd College who has spent her career developing technology targeted towards empowering marginalized and developing communities worldwide. She has been pivotal in designing Okra's key power-sharing algorithms, IoT firmware, and grid management software - and now drives the direction and strategy of Okra's technology as Product Development Lead.