Harvest Mobile v1.23, Apollo v1.57

Nithya Menon
March 13, 2024


Revamped UX for New Installations

This release updated all the installation flows in the mobile app to clearly direct an installer through the required steps of various installation configurations. Motivated both by internal and customer needs to more reliably capture important data at the time of installation, to ensure reliable project analysis and smooth asset management during removals or replacements in the future.

Streamlined Asset Management 

Previously the management of Pods versus other meshgrid equipment were not unified, which led to inconsistent use of the features. This release unifies all asset management into a single flow, and pushes useful data about existing installations to the mobile app for easy visibility in the field.

Automated Over-The-Air Firmware Updates

Manually managing the deployment of new firmware to pods as they come online at different times in projects around the world was labour intensive and especially when Pods ship to customers and come online months later, it was difficult to reliably update Pods to the newest firmware as soon as they are installed. This release revealed a new internal tool to overhaul the firmware release process, streamlining how manual updates can be deployed and automating how Pods update themselves whenever they come online and keep themselves updated to the latest releases at all times.

Nithya Menon is an engineering graduate from Harvey Mudd College who has spent her career developing technology targeted towards empowering marginalized and developing communities worldwide. She has been pivotal in designing Okra's key power-sharing algorithms, IoT firmware, and grid management software - and now drives the direction and strategy of Okra's technology as Product Development Lead.