QA/QC Electronics Engineer

Job Location:
Shenzhen, China


Okra is looking for a QA Test Engineer to join our team full-time in Shenzhen, China.

Product reliability is a critical factor that will determine Okra’s success in the coming years. The successful applicant will play a crucial role in securing confidence in the reliability of our electronics products by designing and implementing rigorous testing plans and equipment with a wide range of test coverage.

The product of focus is Okra’s flagship mesh-grid controller: the “Pod” - a plug-&-play IoT device that enables distributed solar panels and batteries to be interconnected into smart modular mesh-grids.

This role will primarily involve designing, programming and configuring various test machinery, as well as supervising production and certification testing activities in cooperation with our China-based contract manufacturers. The vast majority of this work will be done in collaboration with the manufacturing, hardware and firmware teams which are spread between China, Malaysia and Australia.

The successful applicant will also have the opportunity to broaden their professional skill set by contributing to other projects within the company.




Okra的主要的产品是Mesh-Grid类控制器:如Edamame Pod,即一种即插即用IOT物联网设备,能够将分布的太阳能版和电池互连到智能模块化网络。




  • Designing, programming, configuring and running automated test equipment for Okra’s electronics products - to be used in both our development labs and at manufacturing premises
  • Working closely with Okra’s development and manufacturing teams to create test plans for end-of-line (EOL) functional tests, firmware regression testing, stress tests, burn-in tests and accelerated life-cycle testing  (ALT)
  • Working closely with and maintaining Okra’s new Shenzhen testing ‘village’ to install and run Okra’s extended reliability test suite
  • Performing root cause analysis on hardware and firmware issues that arise as a result of our large suite of testing


  • 为Okra的产品设计、调试好ATE自动化测试设备,用于我们的自己实验室和生产厂商。
  • 与Okra的开发和制造团队紧密合作制定相关测试计划,例如:生产EOL测试,固件回归测试,压力测试,老化测试和寿命周期加速测试。
  • 监督和维护Okra的深圳新测试基地,以及安装和运行Okra的扩展性可靠性测试套件。
  • 对我们测试中出现的硬件和固件问题进行深度的根本原因分析。
  • 在加工厂对有所需要的人员进行培训与监督以及对设备进行维护。
  • 与供应商沟通,并对关键物料进行测试,以确保其符合设计标准。
  • 支持和维护Okra的现有测试设备。

What We’re Looking For

(You can still apply if you don’t fit all the requirements)

  • Speaking English at an engineering/business level, or higher. The ability to effectively communicate technical information with an English speaking team
  • Speaking Mandarin fluently or above HSK level 5. Communicating requirements to manufacturers and instructing outsourced workers
  • Independent self learner. Someone who can quickly take on new concepts and understand how our system works
  • 3+ years with designing / programming / configuring automated test equipment for electronics products
  • Experience embedded systems development using Python to control external equipment such as PSUs, Eloads and Relays
  • Expertise in designing test plans to test all aspects of electronic systems, including function, burn-in, stress and system tests.
  • Comfortable with remote working and debugging in cooperation with hardware and firmware engineers abroad
  • A university degree in engineering or science, or equivalent industry experience
  • A strong understanding of power circuit theory and digital electronics, in particular, solar power systems



  • 英语口语能有工程或商务基本沟通的水准。能与讲英语的团队进行高效的技术交流。
  • 普通话流利或高于HSK 5级。能无障碍的向制造商传达要求并能对外包人工进行指导。 
  • 独立的自学能力。能够迅速理解新的产品设计概念并理解产品是如何系统地工作。 
  • 有3年以上设计/编程/配置电子产品的自动测试设备的经验
  • 有使用Python或相关软件控制下位机设备进行工作的经验(如电源、电子负载和继电器)
  • 熟练制定产品测试计划,用以测试电子产品的各种性能,包括功能,老化,压力和系统测试。
  • 适应与国外硬件和固件工程师进行远程协同工作和调试
  • 电子信息工程,自动化或相关本科/专科学位。
  • 对电源的相关模电,数电非常熟悉,特别是太阳能发电系统需有深刻的理解

We Also Value These Skills

(You can still apply if you don’t fit all the requirements)

  • Experience developing firmware and software in a remote team environment
  • Taking electronics products from prototype to high volume in China
  • Knowledge of Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Product development using Agile methodologies
  • PCB and PCBA design, preferably in KiCad
  • Knowledge of interfaces such as I2C, UART, SPI, RS232
  • Version control systems such as Git/SVN7


(如果你不符合所有的要求,你仍然可以申请 。)

  • 有在远程工作团队的环境下开发固件和软件的经验
  • 有在国内将电子产品从原型一直设计并跟踪到大批量生产的经验
  • 了解电池管理系统(BMS)
  • 使用Agile方法开发过相关产品
  • PCB和PCBA设计,最好使用KiCad软件
  • 熟悉单片机通讯,如I2C、UART、SPI、RS232
  • 熟悉版本管理软件,如Git/SVN的经验

Internal Liaisons:

  • Hardware engineering colleagues
  • Firmware engineering colleagues
  • Manufacturing colleagues

External Liaisons:

  • Okra’s contract manufacturer
  • Okra’s various supply chain partners
  • Other relevant Chinese personnel that can assist you in your role


  • 硬件工程同事 
  • 固件工程同事 
  • 制造商同事


  • Okra的合同制造商
  • Okra的供应链
  • 其他能协助你工作的中国相关同事

Employment Type:



Shenzhen, China

Start Date:


Salary Range:

Benefits at Okra

Flexible Location & Hours

We’re output focused organisation, which means that for the most part, you can choose where and when you work as long as your team has been communicated to and is on board with it.

Professional Career Progression

With mentorship from our investors (Schneider Electric, Greenway Grid Global) and a range of experienced leaders and change-makers in our network, you get the opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities.

We’ve Got You Covered

Cover for work travel, health insurance, sick leave and equipment (i.e. laptops)

Yearly Get-togethers

We get the whole company together for all-expenses-paid national and international team events (yearly team retreats, hackathons, etc.)

Great Work Culture

You’ll a fast paced startup environment with multinational staff – expect to learn a lot while finding creative solutions to complex problems

Learn & Grow

We support you to take on additional relevant education while working

Our Challenge

Okra is currently in it’s high-growth phase. We have rolled out multiple Mesh Grid projects across Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America, but in order for us to achieve our mission of 100% electrification by 2030, we need to continue engineering and deploying disruptive energy access technology at scale.

More About Okra

We’re an IoT startup company bringing energy access to the 1 billion people who don’t have power. In 2019 we made the Cleantech 50 Companies to watch, we won the 2019 Techcrunch Hardware Battlefield in Shenzhen, won the 2019 IEEE Empower A Billion Lives competition and were the back to back 2018 and 2019 PFAN clean energy Business Plan Winners.

Okra has financial backing from investors including Schneider Electric, Smart Axiata, Greenway Global Grid. Our mission is to use IoT and big data to provide technology that will enable rapid electrification of the people who don’t have electricity. We are expecting to continue our trajectory of being a high growth company over the next few years, so this is an exciting time for everyone!